Artificial Stones Stacked Table

Rubble Masonry: A Fusion of Form and Function
The Fieldstone table exemplifies the fusion of digital fabrication with traditional stone masonry, capturing the quintessence of synthetic rocks. This piece, realized through the sophisticated process of 3D sand printing, not only introduces a novel aesthetic paradigm but also signifies a transformative moment in the trajectory of craftsmanship. More than merely producing functional items, this artistic initiative seeks to reconceptualize the dialogue between human-crafted elements and the natural environment, advancing a fresh narrative at the intersection of art, technology, and traditional craftsmanship.

Future Craft: Redefining Design through Computational Innovation
Fabricated by Sandhelden and in collaboration with ZONGRUWU, this project is spearheaded by Erco Lai, who employs the avant-garde binder jetting technique to explore the frontiers of formative design. My contribution as a computational designer has been crucial in devising an algorithm that optimizes stone cutting for both efficiency and structural integrity. This technology affords us unparalleled precision and versatility, enabling the creation of complex and imaginative shapes previously deemed unfeasible with conventional methods. Our methodological approach promotes a vibrant interplay between the realms of artisanal craftsmanship, material diversity, and modern design aesthetics.

Exhibition Highlight:
This project was prominently featured from April 15 to 21, 2024, at Undertone, ISOLA Milan. The event was a remarkable showcase of the confluence of innovation and tradition in contemporary craftsmanship, drawing visitors from around the globe.

Project credit: ERCOFFICE
Computation design: ZONGRUWU
Manufactured by: Sandhelden
Photo credits: Erco Lai and Lawlup

Further information:  Field Stone, Understone and Isola Milan