A Summer Pavilion for the Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Gradual Assemblies was built in the Robotic Fabrication Lab at ETH Zürich, it leverages the capacity of robots to place timbers precisely in space allowing gradually changing degrees of aperture and the subtle rotation of timbers. And the joints between beechwood dowels and spruce wood making use of wood’s ability to shrink and expand in relation to moisture levels, dowels and slats interlock through volumetric expansion making nails.

Project Credit: Gramazio Kohler Research. This project was developed during three months called Gradual Assemblies in ETH Zürich.
Collaborators: Hannes Mayer (programme director), David Jenny (project lead), Augusto Gandia, Matthias Helmreich, Andreas Thoma.
Team Members: Sahar Barzani, Fernando Cena, Georgia Chousou, Alexander Enz, Moon Young Jeong, Frank Lin, Matteo Lomaglio, Ioanna Mitroupolou, Haruna Okawa, Rafael Pastrana, Francisco Regalado, Jetana Ruangjun, Jun Su, Nizar Taha, Yao Wang, ZongRu WU, Angela Yoo.
StructuralConsultants: Dr. Mario Rinke, Andrea Biancardi (Chair of Structural Design, Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz, ETH Zürich).
Coordination Istituto Svizzero: Adrian Brändli, Samuel Gross, Anna Schulz Seyring, Orazio Battaglia.
Support: Mike Lyrenmann and Philippe Fleischmann (Robotic Fabrication Laboratory), Thomas Schnider (IfB), Dr. Robert Jockwer (IBK), Nägeli Holzbau AG, Schiliger Holz.
 Gruner AG Basel, Schilliger Holz.
Photo Credit: Martina Cirese /
Further Information: ETHZurich and Gramazio Kohler Research.