Oct. 2023

LOOPY, 2023 - Digitally woven with thrice-recycled plastic and innovative 3D-printing

Client: Garen Neal x The New Raw In the Digitally Woven series, my pivotal contribution involved creating versatile patterns that were both visually striking and structurally integral, adaptable to various geometries. Working alongside Gareth Neal and The New Raw, I optimized the 3D printing process, evolving from traditional flat layers to dynamic, three-d

Apr. 2023

KNOTTY, 2023 - A collection of playful benches with a bold and tactile textureAlcova Milan Design Week, Italy

Client: The New Raw. “Knotty” is an innovative bench collection, inspired by knitting techniques and crafted fromthrice-recycled plastic waste. My role was to harmonize the tactile pattern with the bench shapeand optimize the design-to-production workflow. The main challenge lay in adjusting to the uniqueproperties of the recycled material, nece

Oct. 2022

COMB, 2022 - Industrial facade sculpture with imitated brush strokeLacpol, Zakład W Gdynia, Poland

Client:Traffic Design and The New Raw. “COMB” is a striking 12 sqm wall sculpture on a warehouse in Gdynia’s port, crafted for the2022 Design Biennale. Made from recycled plastic from old fishing and shipping ropes, it featuresseven interlocking pieces, designed and created using robotic 3D printing. My role as projectmanager spanned from

Oct. 2021
Installation art

We Harvest Wind

_ Sustainably produced by Woven StudioArtistic Lead: Thijs BierstekerScientific Sustainability Lead: Fredrika Klarén (Polestar)Studio Director: Sophie de KromTechnical Lead: Ian Considine3D recycled printing: The New Raw Soundscape: End of TimeMaterial development in collaboration with Polestar.Under the lead of Ross Kelk and Paul FosterEngineer

May. 2021

Zero-emissions Utility Vehicle, Venice Biennale 2021

EOOS has developed a prototype for a "zero-emissions utility vehicle", or ZUV, which can be 3D-printed locally rather than having to be shipped around the world. The project was created in collaboration with additive manufacturing company The New Raw, and zongruwu contributed as a robotic fabrication consultant. Further information:

Mar. 2021

ORINIGAL SHOES in Adidas Store, Paris


Dec. 2020

Archisource award 2020

Archisource award 2020 is a collaborative project by Archisource and The New Raw. The project was designed and fabricated by The New Raw, and zongruwu contributed as a designer and robotic fabrication consultant. Further information: archisource.org. Cover photo credit: Archisource.

Oct. 2020
Installation art

Econtinuum , Thijs Biersteker

This newly-commissioned work by ecological artist Thijs Biersteker in collaboration with the pioneer of plant neurobiology Stefano Mancuso presents the science of inter-plant communication in two tree root sculptures. The sculpture is made of robotic recycled plastics printing by The New Raw, and zongruwu contributed as a robotic fabrication consultant. Fut

Sept. 2020

TORSION BAR in Adidas Store, Berlin


Aug. 2020

TORSION SHOE in Adidas Store Carnaby Street, London


Jun. 2018

Gradual Assemblies - A Summer Pavilion for the Istituto Svizzero

05.06.2018 H18:00, Istituto Svizzero, Roma.  Final Presentation by students of the MAS Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zürich with Gramazio Kohler Research.

Mar. 2018

Digital Metal - Deep Facade

23.03.2018, 14:00, HIB Floor E Open Space II, ETH Hönggerberg. Final Presentation by students of the MAS Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zürich with Digital Building Technologies.

Sept. 2017


20-27.11.2017, HIB Floor E Open Space I, ETH Hönggerberg.