With new technologies of digital design and additive manufacturing, I believe it is possible to democratize manufacturing for everyone and empower experts or non-experts to fulfil their creative ideas efficiently. Accordingly, I have been focusing on developing a design program that allows users to balance design freedom and fabrication constraints by integrating fabrication considerations into the design process. This way, creativity can be made real, and humanity, craftsmanship, and additive manufacturing technology will sing in harmony. I founded ZONGRUWU, a digital material consultant studio in 2019 in Rotterdam. The studio focuses on additive manufacturing solutions and material experiment of 3D printing to support our clients in realising flexible robotic fabrication for production optimization and business expansion. The studio provides the following services to our clients:

With additive solutions, we help clients enter the market faster with shorter design cycles. We also develop design algorithms to empower users and designers to generate innovative forms. Our consulting services cover the full design cycle—from conceptual design, simulation, to physical feasibility studies.

Material Experiments

Material is the key to due to fully exploit the advantages of digitalization and achieve sustainability. Our studio has been working with designers and scientists to develop real-world applications of material technology. For instance, we are now researching “3D printing material recipes” with better material performance to extend the lifespan of recycled materials. This is how we will contribute to a sustainable economy and a cleaner, brighter future for us and the generations to follow.

Process Optimization

Our studio strives to optimize the workflow of robotic 3D printing and desktop printing. Our goal is to use intelligent and easy-to-use programs to enable flexible and non-standard automation. Currently, the studio is experimenting with synthetic recycled plastics and offer our design programs to help designers make sophisticated designs and fabricate highly individualized elements with complex details. Over the past year, we have successfully assisted clients in transforming plastic waste into unique, high-quality, and affordable products, including plastic furniture, vases, and podiums.

Research and Development

Our digital design programs uncover the secret of robotic fabrication and computational additive manufacturing, turning it into a platform for creative exploration, inviting everyone to participate in. It enables efficient operations of robotic systems of non-standard individual fabrication of high-quality products. In the future, we aim to apply multiple recycled materials to manufacture products using customized digital programs.

Kastanjelaan 400
5616 LZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0) 616161901
Email  contact@zongruwu.com.